Blue Point

Blue Point Toasted Lager is copper in color and made from six different malts including: English Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Wheat and Belgian Caravienna. Toasted Lager displays a balanced flavor of malt and hop which makes it easy drinking. Special yeast is used to produce that long lasting, smooth finish. The "toasted" part of the name refers to the direct-fire brew kettle; hot flames imparts a toasted flavor to this popular microbrew.


Blue Point Blueberry Ale is a wonderful blend of fresh blueberries matched with a thirst quenching distincitive ale. 132 lbs of blueberries are added to each special batch. Brewed with 100% American ingredients. 


Blue Point Summer Ale the delicious, refreshing taste of summer ale comes from a substantial portion of wheat malt added to a traditional barley malt mix which gives this delicious brew a unique tartness not found in many light ales these days. 


Blue Point Pumpkin Ale this golden orange-colored Pumpkin Ale is brewed with real pumpkin and spices to produce a delicious taste of fall. 


Blue Point Honey Robber Cream Ale is a medium-bodied Spring Seasonal. This crisp refreshing brew features slight citrus floral notes from the addition of honey and a blend of hops. 


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